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ERP IT Infrastructure Audit

IT Infrastructure Audit (IIA) would help organizations to understand its current IT Environment, have an action plan to realize the optimal benefits from its IT Infrastructure Investments.

IIA is about safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity and operating effectively to achieve the organization's goals or objectives. IT Infrastructure Audit helps to

  • Determine controls in the IT Infrastructure
  • Understand & evaluate each control
  • Assess compliance
  • Assess controls to reduce / mitigate risks
  • Validate server configuration for efficiency & security
  • Gather complete hardware asset list & determine risks
  • Check hardware specific productivity drains
  • Identify cause for frequent problems
  • Ensure backup systems are adequate & monitored regularly

IT Infrastructure Audit objectives are:

  • Continuity (consistent system reliability & availability - backup & ability to recover)
  • Management & maintenance (additions, change procedure, upgrade & documentation)
  • Security (appropriate physical & logical access)
  • Provide reasonable assurance that control objectives are being met
  • Substantiate risks due to control weaknesses
  • Advise required corrective measures

Documentation of policies, procedures, practices & org structures designed to provide reasonable assurance that business objectives would be achieved & undesired events will be prevented or detected and corrected.

ERP IT Infrastructure Audit – Project Methodology

IT Infrastructure Audit scope includes review of the existing IT environment including Gap analysis & Recommendations pertaining to:

Submit Action Plan to optimize the IT Infrastructure of organization from the perspective of ERP Project Implementation.