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ERP Post Implementation Audit

ERP Post-Implementation Audit (PIA) is done after completion of the ERP Implementation Project. This would help organization to realize the complete benefits from its ERP Investment.

swiss replica watches PIA purpose is to evaluate whether project objectives were met, to determine how effectively the project was run, to learn lessons for the future, and to ensure that the organization gets maximum possible benefit from the project. A forward-looking audit can discover many tips and strategies for improvement. PIA should be conducted after the ERP system has reached a relative stage of maturity, and once business process change caused by the ERP truly takes effect on the organization. PIA would assist organization to effect needed changes in organizational plans & processes and realize potential operational & strategic benefits.

In case of an initial ERP project failure, an important role of PIA is to redefine and/or limit the scope of the ERP project, and promote learning & system acceptance through user training and stakeholder commitment to the ERP project. Weaknesses identified during the audit, due to lack of controls, poor implementation processes, non-mitigation of associated risks to acceptable levels, should be brought to the attention of the concerned responsible for corrective action.

Follow up activity after PIA can be categorized into following stages:

  • Steps to overcome productivity downside by redefining jobs / roles, establishing new practices, fine-tuning ERP system, and owning of the new information series created by ERP.
  • ERP functionality enhancements involve skills development, structural changes, process integration and add-ons
  • Involve business transformation, where the synergies of people, processes, and technology can reach their peak.Richard Mille Replica Watches
  • Audit outcomes would then be used to resolve problems in these stages and push the organization upwards to realize additional system benefits.

ERP Post Implementation Audit a Project Methodology